Wren Winfield

Founder, Filmmaker

Wren has taken 2 seemingly different career paths in her life: 

Filmmaker, and Healer. With W+E1 Productions she is merging her 2 passions, and literalizing the term 'healing arts ' by making films that she hopes will convey ideas that heal.

Wren went to graduate school for filmmaking at San Francisco State University in the late 80's. She won her first two film awards in the 'real world' while still in school.

Wren left film school when she scored her first 'real job' in the Industry, as an assistant editor of television commercials. She was one of the first people in San Francisco to be trained on the revolutionary technology of the Avid non-linear editing system.  Having this skill during the dawn of the digital age kept her busy, and she eventually became a post-producer for a San Francisco edit house where they finished commercials for Ad Agencies like Hal Riney, Foote, Cone & Belding, J. Walter Thomson, and others. Wren worked on hundreds of commercials including Levi’s, Taco Bell, Old Navy, the Sprint pin-drop shot by Tony Scott, and many more.  That was her day job. By night, she worked on her own films.

Wren obtained grants for, produced, directed, and edited two award-winning films: Period Piece (1996) and A Pregnant Moment (1999). 

In 1997, Wren felt a different calling and returned to graduate school to get a Master of Science in Chinese Medicine. She healed people for years with Acupuncture, and is now returning to her filmmaking roots to heal in a broader way. 

(505) 670-9133