Eric Krause

Co-Founder, Producer,


Yes, Eric is a talented film set napper. He has good reason to be tired; he does everything around here.

Drone pilot/photographer, Videographer,

Co-Producer, Problem Solver, and Collaborator.

Eric was born the son of a black-velvet painter.  Actually, his father was a spy for the US Air Force, who painted in his spare time. Eric’s love of surface began with velvet, and evolved into the intense textures he is now known for in his award winning paintings and sculpture. He brings his artist's vision to everything we do at W+E1 Productions.​


When we give him time to do his own work (and we haven't recently) he can be found in his studio, right next to the post production studio at W+E1 Productions.  

We think Eric's artwork is awesome. If you want to see

for yourself, check out his website 

(505) 670-9133