I look up at the flock of geese flying overhead on a journey of their own and whisper to myself,

"be devoted to your journey Bernice, no matter what journey that may be, be devoted to it."


- Bernice Ende

When Bernice Ende stepped into the stirrup and headed south on a borrowed horse, she left behind the protective walls, safe routines, and predictability of home. Her plan was to visit her sister— a 2000 mile ride from Montana to New Mexico.  Fifteen years and 30,000 miles later, she is still riding.

According to the Long Rider’s Guild, Bernice Ende is the only person to have ridden a horse from the Pacific Ocean, to the Atlantic Ocean, and back to the Pacific again, in one ride.  For the women who are inspired by the Lady Long Rider, it is a different distance that is so meaningful:

how far Bernice has traveled in her personal growth.


The Lady Long Rider’s epic journey of self discovery inspires other women, who learn from her example of courage and perseverance, that they too can pick up the reins and make conscious directional choices about their own lives. 




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