Allen Thomas


Allen works at the intersection of research, art, life and the human spirit. He has a keen understanding of how stories shape our biology, help us make sense of the past and create hope for the future.


Allen feels that stories show us what is possible when we approach our lives as a journey in learning; we discover what gives meaning to our days.


His PhD in Health Education from the University of Texas, his experiences in photography and art, and his ability to make every person he meets feel like a lifelong friend, give him a unique advantage in creating documentaries that inspire transformation.


As an experienced health educator Allen brings a unique perspective to the making of Lady Long Rider.  Allen’s role as Producer includes fundraising, marketing, and most importantly, Allen applies his interest and experience in listening to women’s stories, to aid his team in presenting the most impactful story of Bernice Ende’s Personal journey of self-discovery.

(505) 670-9133