Eric Krause is an award winning artist, now living and working in Santa Fe New Mexico.

He received his MFA in painting in 1987 from the University of Oklahoma. In the late 90’s Eric began creating sculpture using cement as a 3 dimensional medium. Later, Eric taught Art as an adjunct professor at Texas State University before relocating

to Santa Fe with Wren Winfield in 2014.

Filmmaking is a new art form for Eric, and he is happy to be using his eye and his sense of framing, as our videographer—it reignites the flame of his first art love: photography.


The name W+E1 Productions was born from an idea that Eric shared with Wren: we have the potential to be co-creators with existence. The way Eric talks about his painting process is a great way to describe  the process of documentary filmmaking.





Eric keeps Wren connected to what is truly important in the process of making this film, sharing Bernice's 30,000 miles of wisdom!


Eric brings perfectionism, mind boggling talent, and comfortability with the process, to everything we do at W+E1 productions.

We think his art is awesome. Check out his website to see for yourself.  

In the act of painting, the intended goal never materializes.

 During the painting process—or struggle—the painting          dictates itself, and I become merely a messenger, a tool,      or a medium. I do obviously have a tremendous amount of    input, but it is the painting itself that makes the final decisions  as it takes on a life of it's own"



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